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The latest issue of PMCI Magazine, February 2016, is now available and as always, it is totally FREE to read!

In this issue PMCI did an interview with a Tactical Legend, Instructor Zero, went behind the scenes with the “grey men” of clandestine commercial surveillance and Craig Reinholds takes a look back at SHOT 2016. ARG Medical introduces PMCI to their new FRECs course and, following Travis Haley’s endorsement, PMCI examines the validity of using airsoft as a training tool for real world situations. Trampas takes a Benelli M4 and turns it into a kicking up-specced M1014, they put Pencott under the spotlight and check out the latest from Claw Gear. Then there’s kit… loads of it… more kit than you can point an M32 at!

PMCI Magazine February 2016 Cover

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