The newly redesigned Burrow Bivi Bag – out now!

The Burrow Bivi Bag from PLATATAC is designed to provide lightweight emergency weather protection and is necessary if you do not find a site for a hootchie, are forced to sleep outdoors or just don’t want to carry a tent. That means a bivi bag can be essential for comfort and for survival.

Burrow Bivi Bag

The Burrow Bivi Bag is made from our exclusive fabric PLATATEX* and protects the user from wind and rain, whilst adding another layer between your sleeping bag and the cold air, limiting the heat transfer rate from you to the atmosphere.

Burrow Bivi Bag

The Burrow Bivi Bag features an inbuilt mosquito net across the opening and tie-off hooks to hold the bag off your face while you sleep. Additional tie-off hooks can be found around the outside of the bag to limit movement on slopes.

Burrow Bivi Bag

Ranger Green and Terra Firma 2.0 are made from PLATATEX, a unique 185gsm, 3-layer technical laminate similar to Gore-Tex™ fabrics.

Terra Firma 2.0 has been specially designed by PLATATAC to compliment AMCU,  MultiCam and other modern camouflage patterns. 

Multicam (Coming Soon) is made from Assault Quattro™, a 122 gsm, 100% Nylon 3 Layer Waterproof Breathable laminate made by Brookwood in the USA.

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