PLATATAC New Release! After two years of in the field trials we can now release our Adaptable Plate Carrier (APC) to the public. Available on our website and in the retail store for just $269!



The PLATATAC APC is designed to provide an adaptable platform; the APC is capable of rapidly changing as the situation dictates.

Some Jobs require different weapon systems and you can’t carry around three different plate carriers. But with our soon to be released Chicom series panels, you can quickly change and adjust your prepared platform as required.



  • 3 rows of permanent MOLLE (2 quite loop MOLLE rows)
  • APC removable panel consists of 3 rows by 8 columns of MOLLE on a top of Omega mesh
  • 6 columns 3 row (2 quite loop columns) on rear for hydration carrier or bullock echo
  • Elasticised cummerbund for a snug conforming fit
  • Low profile and adjustable shoulder straps
  • Tube tap carry handle can also be used as EVAC drag handle
  • ITW Nexus hardware
  • Airmesh inner to promote cooling
  • Quite loop field for patches for IFF
  • Antenna/comms cable routers
  • Manufactured from 500 denier Multicam Cordura®
  • Weight is 830 grams
  • Compatible with removable (soon to be released) Chicom series panels.

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