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The PGD-ARCH helmet from Protection Group Denmark is produced in Kevlar aramid fiber from Dupont. It is a very popular ballistic helmet used by professional military and police units in Europe as well the United States.


The company want to make high-quality helmets so the helmet is 100% produced in Europe instead of importing it cheaply from China. “We love to stay alive” they say so for them, it is more important to have a ballistic helmet that does its job, than buying a cheap helmet!

Couldn’t agree more with that and we see how that ends up when you buy cheap in Ukraine these days…

They have designed the bulletproof helmet so you can adapt it to your needs. It allows you to mount additional equipment on the rails and front shroud (side and front rail) such as:

  • Compatible with following rail adapters: 3m Peltor, Sordin, Ops-core AMP arms, Earmor and Unity Tactical
  • COMs headset
  • weapon light
  • camcorder
  • side protection
  • strobe list
  • night vision
  • GoPro camera
  • Up-armor side covers
  • Protective visor
  • NVG Glasses
  • Picatinny Rail adapter
  • Covers for the helmet

and much more.

Those of you that want to have a quality ballistic helmet but wouldn’t spend a liver for one can clearly go with this helmet. It comes at an affordable price and offers world class protection.

Grab yours >>


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