What is ODA666 (Outbreak Defence Agency 666)???


…we asked the owner & founder of this company if he can explain it for our readers. Read below what you can have if you want to join for a course.


Starting in January 2013 the well known survival training company CombatRecovery started the first Zombie Survival Training in the German speaking part of Europe. To give the whole thing a club like feeling and to build something like a zombie hunter community, they created the Outbreak Defence Agency 666. The name refers to the Special Operations Forces Operational Detachments, the so called ODA┬┤s.




But why Zombies?

In 2009 some Universities in the USA conducted studies about survival, dangers to mankind and about environmental and economical disasters. Somehow they thought that a Zombie Apocalypse would resemble all the single parts of the crisis. So they “invented” the Zombie Apocalypse as the Master Catastrophe.

248172_536397016405838_1022526435_nAs a long running survival company, CombatRecovery founded ODA666 to serve the customers that want more than average survival training. The Zombie Survival Training consists of an academic and a practical part. The durations is about 2 Day.

The customer can arrive at the “Hot Spot” just as he likes. All the needed kit and gear is given to him. The practical training includes basic survival skills in a zombie environment, orientation with map, compass and GPS, weapon training with a wide variety of axes, crossbows, bows and machetes. In total it is a realistic survival training that covers most part of common survival skills and is topped with a lot of fun and games in killing zombies near the camp.
And yes, the will be blood, zombies, screams and maybe some fear. But you need to be though to become a real zombie hunter.

Each new Zombie Hunter is given a Certificate, an amazing looking 3D-rubber Patch and of course Zombie Hunter Permit that is valid for the next 10 years.







If you want to be part of something amazing, something great and something instructive check out the websites www.zombietraining.de or www.oda666.org and ask for more informations.


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