Introducing – The ESK Selector – AR

If you like having options, Magpuls new ESK (Enhanced Selector Kit) – AR gives you a few to choose from to make your AR more manageable and personalized. The ambidextrous and ergonomically designed ESK provides three different polymer levers (full-length, short, and hybrid) designed for comfort and ease of use, a reversible selector axle that allows for a 60- or 90-degree throw, and red and black selector pins that secure the lever to the axle and act as a selector position indicator.

ESK Selector – AR

The ESK is extremely easy to install without tools. If you ever want to change out your selector for a new setup, all that’s required is a small punch or hex key to pop the selector pin back out.

ESK Selector – AR


Head to or your local Magpul retailer and select your selector in Black or FDE today.

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