The Next generation of LightCap™ is coming NEXT WEEK!

Designed to be the next generation of their prolific LightCap™, The Ruggedized LightCap™ incorporates all of the benefits of the original, as well as bringing some changes that our users have been asking for (imagine that!) with the latest version.

Ruggedized LightCap

For starters, it’s now made from an insanely durable TPU rubberized plastic, which allowed us to incorporate some new texture designs and be MUCH QUIETER when flipping the Cap on and off.  Our new patent pending design with a flat front face and recessed finger location is easier to use when pulling-to-doff while retaining that push-to-doff ability that many users love.

  • Improved Geometry & Ergonomics
  • Quieter, More Durable, Better Texture
  • Now includes our ShockCollar™ For Best Experience

Grab yours >>


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