Get to know the Strike Bipod Grip

The Strike Bipod Grip offers versatility and efficiency to your rifle for maintaining a firm grip when on the move or a steady stationary platform when prone shooting at a sleek, simple and the most affordable option on the market. With various shooting situations and scenarios, there are advantages from an attachment which is both a grip and a bipod.

Strike Bipod Grip

If you have to navigate a building in a Close Quarters Battle (CQB) situation to laying prone right outside taking mid to long range shots, this bipod grip combo will certainly be of use to you. Competition shooters, hunters and a day at the range offer multiple benefits when real estate and weight makes a difference.

Easy quick install and removal of the Strike Bipod Grip to 1913 Picatinny rails with the Quick Detach (QD) clamp and 3-arm knob. No fuss simple pull mechanism to deploy bipod legs with a light squeeze and push up to put away.

Strike Bipod Grip

The grip angle sits on the handguard at 89 degrees. Designed with textured palm and finger areas with flat sides for positive handling and easier manipulation of the firearm. Made from durable and lightweight polymer, the Strike Bipod Grip gives you two useful tools together to save rail space without adding any significant amount of weight at a bargain price.


Product Features:

-Quick detach (QD) clamp with 3-arm knob
-Simple pull mechanism to deploy bipod legs
-Sleek and simple at the most affordable option on the market
-Textured palm and finger areas with flat sides for better weapon manipulation control
-89° grip angle
-Made from durable and lightweight polymer
-For 1913 Picatinny rails

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