Full Metal Smart Airsoft Guns New Models | powered by ETS III

Evolution International expands with four new exciting models their line of Full Metal Smart Airsoft Guns powered by the E.T.S. III Electronic Trigger System.

Full Metal Smart Airsoft Gun

The Evolution Full Metal Smart Airsoft Guns feature a reinforced Gearbox, Steel gears, Steel 8mm Ball bearings, Sector gear delayer, Full steel teeth piston, Quick spring-guide extraction from the backside of the body, one piece cnc machined Outer Barrel, cnc machined Buffer tube, Rotary hop up chamber and a brass 6.01 precision inner barrel.

The ETS III with Double Mosfets and double deck board is the most powerful and versatile electronic trigger unit on the market installed as standard on a airsoft gun.

Full Metal Smart Airsoft Gun

Some numbers:

12 Programmable functions
4.000 Combinations on SEMI
2.240 Combinations on AUTO
8.960.333 Possible combinations

Each function can be programmed independently in AUTO or SEMI selector position or BOTH, and for each functions the user can set different levels for a super precise and personalized setting.

Full Metal Smart Airsoft Gun

All this ready out of the box, no extra payments required to unlock the advanced functions like the competition do, no need to buy or use link cables, dongles, etc. like the competition do.

We like things that work, always, everywhereeven in the middle of a wood or on a mountain, even where the cell phone doesn’t work, and you won’t even have to carry a PC and a bundle of cables with you just in case, because if you want to change the functions or make some adjustments on the fly, you can always do it , however and everywhere!

Evolution Web >> www.evolutioninternational.it


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