Welcome the Minimi Mk3

A variant of the FN MINIMI® Mk3 5.56 / 7.62 with a long rail feed cover is available. The one-piece rail is long enough for in-line mounting of two optics, for example a non-magnifying day optic + magnifier, or day optic + night vision optic.

This gets the gun ready for future needs on the battle field.


A retention latch holds the cover open despite the weight of optics so that loading, unloading and clearing are still fast and easy. A flip-up non-adjustable rear iron sight is provided for back-up use.

Available in Black and Flat Dark Earth.


Improved ergonomics and improved mobility:

  • adjustable buttstock: 5-position length adjustment and 6-position cheek rest height adjustment, with foldable shoulder rest and integrated hydraulic buffer
  • bipod integrates with the handguard, even with accessory on lower rail
  • cocking handle enables cocking with strong or weak hand
  • feed tray with belt retaining pawls for easy loading with one hand

Learn more >> www.fnherstal.com/mk3


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