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Importance of Having Tactical Gear Correctly Matched to the Mission is Discussed in ‘Warrior Talk’ Ep. 3 Video Out Today

LENGGRIES, GERMANY (1 August 2023)—Former German Special Forces member Marc Laabs weighs in with Lindnerhof-Taktik CEO Jakob Kolbeck on the topic of tactical gear versus the technical requirements of real-life missions as the two sit across the table from one another in Episode Three of Lindnerhof’s “Warrior Talk”, released today.

Laabs and Kolbeck—who also served in the ranks of Germany’s elite fighting team, the KSK— outline the development of tactical gear over the last quarter of a century. Throughout the conversation they draw on their respective experiences to make salient points about the importance of having tactical gear correctly aligned to the mission.

At one point, Laabs and Kolbeck recall being outfitted upon initial deployment to the southcentral Asian war zone with gear poorly matched to the types of missions they were soon to be assigned. They say they expected to be issued state-of-the-art equipment appropriate for special-forces jobs in high-altitude desert heat but instead were supplied with gear that made accomplishing missions unnecessarily and unhelpfully challenging.

Kolbeck and Laabs go on to say they consequently found it necessary to innovate for themselves ways to transform improper gear into useful setups, the details of which they describe in depth.

The episode also features a lively discourse on the subject of plate carriers. Kolbeck and Laabs recount how in the early years of their Afghanistan deployment almost no one wore a plate carrier—at the time still a relatively new concept. “The plate carrier was a game changer,” Kolbeck contends. He and Laabs agree that the plate carrier since then has undergone a marked evolution that led to its emergence today as a must-have tactical item capable of providing high-level ballistic protection without adding impractical extra weight to the wearer’s load and without hamstringing the wearer’s movements.

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