Get the ultimate GHK Glock17!

The name Umarex starts for = excellent replicas under the license of real firearm manufacturers such as Glock, Walther, Heckler & Koch, or Beretta. Today, we want to let you know that our friends over at Gunfire in Poland got a restock and of these guns is the GHK Glock17 Gen3. If you’re addicted to detail and love airsoft Glocks, this is the ultimate replica! Read more below.

GHK Glock17 Gen3

Officially licensed replica of the iconic pistol of the Austrian brand Glock. The GHK version was intended to be the most realistic replica of the Glock pistol ever created for collector and training use. There are licensed manufacturer’s markings on the replicas slide. The replica was manufactured with the utmost attention to detail which will be appreciated by everyone who has had the opportunity to hold a real Glock pistol.

GHK Glock17 Gen3

The pistol slide is made entirely of steel using CNC technology, which provides a unique level of realism and immersion, and the added weight increases the recoil force. The frame is faithfully recreated in the same molding process as a real gun, and is properly textured to make it look realistic, making it one of the best guns for training and collectors.

The dimensions were also precisely recreated to make the replica fit in the original holsters. The front rail also fits real flashlights and laser sights. The field-striping is also identical to the real firearm counterpart. The magazine release is also identical. An additional feature is that the front and rear sights are made out of real steel and allow for fitting of other compatible sets.

Grab yours here >>

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