New Colors for the Acro P-2


Variety is the spice of life!

The Acro P-2™ is now available in two new colors, Flat Dark Earth and Sniper Grey. ⁠

Aimpoint revolutionized red dot pistol optics with the Acro P-2™ now available in two new colors – Flat Dark Earth and Sniper Grey. The Acro P-2™ represents the next generation of pistol mounted optics, taking things to an entirely new level. Built to endure the physical demands of semi-automatic pistol slides, the Acro P-2 includes a brighter, more efficient LED emitter coupled with a higher capacity CR2032 battery to provide over 5 years of constant-on use. Designed and tested to withstand the shock, vibration, extreme temperatures and material stresses generated by firing over 20,000 rounds of .40 S&W ammunition, the Acro P-2 goes above and beyond the call of duty.

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