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The 3 DAY ASSAULT PACK saga kicks off with a funky little number called the SWEET PEA. Believe it or not, the spark for this idea struck the Big Man himself while he was out on a ski trip high up in the Bridger mountain range, right here in Bozeman, Montana.

The 3-ZIP idea stemmed from the frustration of not being able to access the pack’s contents from top to bottom, and thus the SWEET PEA was born.


The SWEET PEA wasn’t just any ol’ pack. It quickly became a local favorite for hiking and skiing adventures. Then, the U.S. Special Operations Forces got wind of MYSTERY RANCH, thanks to a couple of skiing enthusiasts in their ranks who had heard of the 3-ZIPPED SWEET PEA.

Now, you’d think naming something as cool as the SWEET PEA after a Bozeman festival would be a slam dunk, right? Well, it turns out the military big shots weren’t exactly vibing with that. Quick thinking led to the birth of the 3 DAY ASSAULT Pack name, and it’s stuck around ever since.

This 3 DAY ASSAULT came across the hands of our Warranty + Repair team and was made in 2009. This bad boy was a second-hand score, sent in for a zipper upgrade. There isn’t much intel on its past, except that its owner is excited about the adventures he has yet to take it on.

Hearing stories of our packs lasting through different owners further reminds us of our heritage of quality and innovation. Sure, these packs might show a little love with some wear and tear, but gear is meant to be put through its paces and we’re all about bringing those trusty packs back to life and sending ’em back out there to clock in another decade of use.


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