The World Exclusive Calendar about the Legendary Rifle and its variations. 

LORD OF WAR. No other words can better describe the legendary MOSIN created by Sergei Ivanovitch Mosin for the Czar’s Army, when a modern, reliable, repeating rifle was in absolute need.


The Three-Line Rifle, Model 1891 was the standard Russian Empire Infantry rifle during World War I, before serving the then young Union of Soviet Socialist Republics soon after. 


Upgraded to the Model 1891/30 Rifle, it became the one of the Red Army’s soldier main tool during the Great Patriotic War. Extremely Reliable, easy to maintain, highly efficient, the Model 1891/30 Rifle has been manufactured, used and repaired by men and women who survived without any doubt some of the most difficult times of Human History. 


The Mosin 2023 Calendar introduce a new way to see firearms, where dings, scratches and patina are beautiful and mean History.

This 26 pages Mosin 2023 Calendar features many Historical models from WWI all the way to the Cold War Era:

  • Three Line, Model 1891 Rifle, from Sestroresk, Izhevsk Arsenals or New England Westinghouse Company
  • Model 1891/30 Rifle
  • M39 Rifle
  • Type 53 Carbine
  • Wz.48
  • …etc

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