MOE RL Carbine Stock Instructions


The facts at a glance – MOE RL Carbine Stock

The MOE RL (Reversed Lever) Carbine Stock is a streamlined, A-frame design that replaces OEM stocks and provides clean aesthetics and ease of use. The easily accessible, unobtrusive, reversed adjustment lever is inset into the front of the stock, allowing the stock’s length of pull to be adjusted in overall length from 10.7ʺ to 14ʺ*.

MOE® RL™ Carbine Stock

The stock also offers a slightly increased cheek-weld area for enhanced shooter comfort. Combining these two aspects of the MOE RL Carbine stock allows shooters to adjust the LOP on the fly if necessary while maintaining a positive check weld; this keeps the shooter locked into the gun and promotes continued situational awareness.

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