Welcome the Mission Master XT

Rheinmetall proudly announces the release of the Mission Master XT, the latest member of its successful Mission Master family of Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicles (A-UGVs). Unlike the Mission Master SP platform, which is already introduced to the market, the XT has a diesel-powered engine.

Mission Master XT

Responding to a new set of needs, the Rheinmetall XT is highly mobile even in the toughest terrain and capable of carrying impressive payloads. The XT was developed by Rheinmetall Canada.

A true companion when the going gets tough

The Rheinmetall XT thrives in extreme terrain. It easily tackles ice, snow, and sub-zero weather conditions, as well as sandy, rocky and mountainous topography. Its advanced amphibious capabilities allow it to float and swim while maintaining its full payload capacity.

Weighing in at 2217 kg, this powerful A-UGV can carry a 1000 kg payload in all scenarios, allowing troops to transport special equipment to hard-to-reach locations.

Discover the XT

More information >> www.rheinmetall.com/press/news


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