The New Magpul Summer 2021 T-shirts are now shipping to authorized retailers worldwide.

We’re just a few days away from the official start of summer and we’ve got a few new t-shirts perfect for whatever you’ll be getting into when it’s hot. The Hang 30 Blend T-Shirt was made for a day at the beach or the range (or both at the same time), while our Freedom Bus Cotton T-Shirt and Polymerican Blend T-Shirt have you covered for the 4th of July.

Magpul® Hang 30 Blend T-Shirt

Hang ten or send thirty, we’ve got you covered on one at least. Printed on our comfortable athletic-cut cotton blend tee.

Magpul® Freedom Bus Cotton T-Shirt

Independence Day is more fun with a M134. Throw on this comfortable cotton t-shirt and hop inwe’re headed to the land of the free.

Magpul® Polymerican Blend T-Shirt

Happy Birthday, ‘Merica! Nothing says freedom like a PMAG and fireworks together on a comfortable blend t-shirt.

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