A partner since a long time, Jonathan Marmand send over his latest new work. The Made Of Steel Calendar 2016.

Below is a first hand preview for you about the calendar. Find out more and enjoy some really awesome modern firearms art!

Made Of Steel Calendar 2016 Cover

Made Of Steel Calendar

Hello AMNB readers,
I am proud to make the announcement of the Made Of Steel 2016 Calendar! After having worked for many magazines (Caliber, Guns, American Handgunner, Bolt Catch, Warsoft, etc) as well as various manufacturers (King Arms, VFC, WE, G&G, Real Sword, etc), I propose you the very best of my work in this breathtaking Calendar, printed at the highest level!
Made Of Steel Calendar
Made Of Steel Calendar
The Calendar is 42 x 28cm large, and features 22 pages of some of the most impressive firearms of the 20th Century, such as:
Made Of Steel Calendar
Thompson M1928A1
Mosin-Nagant Snayper
M1 Garand
Made Of Steel Calendar
And many more!
Made Of Steel Calendar
Don’t wait to get your hands on the most beautiful guns Calendar ever! You can get yours at:



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