The adapter for the Spike Tactical Havoc Launcher is a full metal designed standalone system to build to handle either the 12″ or 9″ rails that it comes with.

Its base is constructed to allow for both pistol grips (GBB grips only) and stocks to be added. The rail systems are adept to provide for the customization of optional optics, flashlights, sights, or other accessories. The light-weight metal body makes it very durable and easy to deploy at a moment’s notice, and it works fantastically with the 12” or 9” Spike Havoc launchers.

Product link:

Package includes:

-Adapter body
-12” rail
-Stock Tube

-Full metal construction
-Rail top rail system to mount flashlight or optics
-Adaptable for adding a GBB pistol grip or stock customization
-2 rails for either 12″ or 9″
-Light weight and durable
-Easily deployable