One of the longest standing names in the industry, who’s work and innovation has proved the test of time.

In 1986, Guay Guay Trading Co. Ltd (G&G Armament) was established in Taipei, Taiwan. From the very beginning G&G was an avid dealer of Airsoft Replicas and Military/Law Enforcement equipment for Airsoft and Military Enthusiasts. Over the last 20 years, G&G has designed, developed and distributed hundreds of different replicas all over the world.

Be it their small but mighty ARP9’s with all their different styles and colour variations, the CM16 LMG ‘Stealth’ and it’s ability to rain fire with its 2500 round box mag yet remaining light and manoeuvrable, to the tried and true original ‘first-gun’ for many many airsofters over the last decade, the CM16 Raider and Raider-L!

G&G Armament

We have all these G&G Armament models and so much more in stock now, so be sure to check out our website to see our range, plus everything else airsoft!

G&G Armament

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