This looks outstanding and very well done LayLax!

LayLax has introduced a limeted edition SIG AIR MCX VIRTUS that clearly stands out from the masses! Pre-orders are open now and if you want to call that SIG your own, you better be fast and get your pre-order in now.

The “inner color” version is a custom finish that has become popular in recent years, with only the inside and part being different colors.
Although it has a casual impression, it has a great visual impact and is recommended for those who want to change the color but do not want to make it flashy.

Body specifications:

  • Body color: Black
  • Inner color: FDE
  • Overall length: 737mm
  • Weight: Approximately 3kg
  • Magazine number of bullets: 6mm 120 BB bullets

VFC Avalon V2 mechanical box:

  • 8mm bearing
  • Reinforced torque neodym motor installed
  • CNC processing M-Lok hand guard
  • Upper and lower metal receiver
  • 3 position PDW style stock
  • Ambi magazine catch
  • Ambi selector
  • Ergonomic motor grip
  • Push button slide Stock (3 stages)
  • lower receiver swivel hole (dummy)
  • bat stock sling swivel hole



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