Introducing the latest product from LaRue Tactical, the C-Note

It is a ready-to-use, one-piece iron sight precision built for rapid target acquisition and engagement.  

A $100 bill gets you a premium iron sight that is perfect for CQB, home defense, or ringing steel at the range. It is also a perfect tool to use when hunting as you can rapidly transition between magnified optics and your C-Note irons as your environment changes with our quick-disconnect lever system.  

LaRue Tactical C-Note

It has a similar sight radius and configuration to pistol sights, but capitalizes on the added points of contact and firepower of your railed rifle to increase accuracy.  

LaRue Tactical C-Note

The C-Note has an adjustable rear sight and the easy mounting capability ensures all of your railed rifles are mission ready. No need to worry about dead batteries.  

LaRue Tactical C-Note

The LaRue C-Note, for when you need to make the money shot.  


-Quick Detach Mount
-Vertical Adjustments
-Made In Texas

Grab yours >>

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