Get yourself on the Tacticool Path, with Airsoft Accessories designed to improve your gear, playstyle, and life!

WADSN are known for making Tactical Accessories that improve your kit and gear without causing unnecessary strain on your wallet, from lights to lasers to mounts and more!


Some new stock we have from them includes the all new DBAL-PL, perfect for smaller rifles or pistols while using Night Vision, be that helmet mounted or otherwise. Features both visible white light (that has a respectable 400 lumen output!) and red laser, as well as infrared illuminator and IR laser for when you’re doing your best Jason Hayes impression in the dark.


If 400 Lumens isn’t enough for you… how does a thousand sound? Introducing the OKW-18650 and PLHv2-18350 Weapon lights, capable of a staggering 1000 Lumen Output! Light up the night and your opposition without breaking the bank!


For adding some quality of life changes to your work desk, man cave or armoury, you can also pick up one of their different styles of weapon cleaning mats, with design options including a breakdown of a 1911SIG P226Glock and M870!

Lastly for some new goods is a variety of mounts and adapters perfect for both their new and their already very popular lights and lasers, be that for saving rail space, mounting devices together to ‘tidy up’ your rail space, and so much more!

We also received a restock of many of their other popular items! NGAL’sDBAL’sPEQ’sWeapon Lights and more!

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More shop news from Land Warrior on our blog, can be found here!

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