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Land Warrior fresh Krytac restock!


UK players get ready! Krytac is back in stock at LWA for your pewpew needs!

One of the best companies in the Modern-Era of airsoft, and we have their most popular items available now!

KRYTAC, established in Southern California in 2013, is a cutting-edge product development team of the firearms manufacturer KRISS USA, with a primary focus for airsoft replicas. Every process of development is aimed at offering the best possible ownership experience, from beginning to end. KRYTAC strives for excellence with a team comprised of highly experienced professionals who have come together for one common goal; to elevate your expectation of performance, value, and service.

It’s no surprise then that their many variants of Airsoft RIF’s are very popular at sites all over the UK, and very sought after!

Not to worry, be it their PDW-M’s – a compact AR-based design with a modern, sleek and aggressive finish -, Kriss Vector’s – arguably one of the most popular SMG’s of the 21st century, with its iconic design, fully ambidextrous controls and multiple variants from the classic Black and Dual-Tone designs to the Limited Edition and Alpine offerings also available! – or even their mighty LMG-E’s – with the awesome power of a full-sized Machine Gun combined with the usability and controls of a traditional AR platform and even takes regular M4 magazines! -, we have them available to you now while stocks last!

Check out our website for more now! Be sure to also check us out on Facebook and Instagram for regular updates on what’s going down at Land Warrior HQ!

More shop news from Land Warrior on our blog, can be found here!

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