The Barrett REC 7 Carbine AEG Officially licensed through EMG, manufactured by KRYTAC.

The Krytac Barrett REC 7 line is the latest line of AEG offerings that are high quality products as you would expect from the likes of Krytac. The finish on the rifles are superb and being a fully licensed product, it will feature all the corresponding markings.

Externally the rifle comes standard with a slimline MLOK handguard, low profile flip up sights, ergonomic grip, adjustable stock and great finishing. The rifle looks and feels like a no nonsense, workhorse rifle which really plays to the Barrett brand, best known for their sniper rifles such as the M82 50 Cal sniper rifle.

Internally the rifles are exactly what you would expect from Krytac. It comes standard with an anti-corrosion coated gear box, integrated MOSFET with heat-sink, 8mm bearing bushings, and T-plugs. In addition to these, you also get an easy change spring system, reinforced piston, and padded cylinder head which all adds to optimum performance.

A stand out features is the addition of T-plugs into the rifle. Also known in the airsoft community as “deans” connectors, T-plugs are fast becoming the industry standard with Krytac leading the way to make this connection type a standard feature. The benefit of T-plugs over other connection points are their low profile form factor, they are more stable, and can generally handle a higher voltage.

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