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More news from KRYTAC for you today! The new airsoft gun manufacturer which is part of the KRISS group send us over an update about their “airsoft product and website launch” this month. Below you find all facts – enjoy reading.




KRYTAC, KRISS Group’s new brand dedicated to recreational shooting and training, will make the first airsoft product and website debut in August, 2014.

July 31, 2014 – Brea, California, United StatesKRISS Group, the Switzerland based global leader in small arms technology, announces the first product offering under its new brand, KRYTAC. Starting August, 2014, the KRYTAC Trident M4 CRB airsoft electric gun will be made available for sale in the United States through select retail partners. In conjunction with the product release is the launch of the new website.

Airsoft electric guns, like the KRYTAC Trident M4 CRB, are electro-pneumatic air rifles that fire non-lethal plastic ball projectiles. Airsoft guns are aesthetically realistic to real firearms, though their function and purpose are vastly different. Airsoft is primarily a recreational game that is played similar to paintball. Airsoft products are also widely used by law enforcement and military agencies as a low cost combat training alternative to the expensive simulation ammunition method.

The KRYTAC Trident M4 CRB is a short barreled carbine with a 10.5” barrel, 10” free floating key mod hand guard, and adjustable KRYTAC stock. The reinforced internals feature 8mm ball bearing bushings, an integrated MOSFET, a modular spring guide, a padded cylinder head, and a rotary style hop up. Still in development, the spring decompression feature is being reserved for future production runs. With an 11.1v LiPo 15c battery and 0.20g BBs the Trident M4 CRB achieves a muzzle velocity of 380 feet per second with a rate of fire greater than 1440 rounds per minute. The KRYTAC Trident M4 CRB will be available for purchase at an MSRP of $325 USD.

Accompanying the release of the KRTYAC Trident M4 CRB is the launch of The KRYTAC website is a useful source of information with product release dates and technical specifications about the entire KRYTAC line up. Another feature of the KRYTAC website is the Dealer Locator, with an easy to read map of the United States, for interested parties to find their nearest KRYTAC retail location.

For more information about KRYTAC, and to locate your closest KRYTAC retail location, visit the newly launched website at

If you wanna see more about their product line, check out our report from IWA 2014 here at the blog >>> https://archive.airsoftmilsimnews.comiwa-2014-krytac-trident-aeg-series


About KRISS Group

KRISS Group, an innovative Swiss-based group, delivers proprietary technologies to the firearms industry enabling more efficient solutions, corresponding to the 21st century requirements for the global law enforcement, military and civilian markets.


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