Our friend Thomas Mikkelsen from Kireru: Disruptive Society, shares his not so quick unboxing video of the Sentinel 2.0 by Combat Systems.

I got mine in the mail courtesy of Combat Systems and wanted to walk you through the many great improvements and features of the new version. I initially only wanted to do the unboxing which turned into a review instead – without reading ANYTHING about the new improvements I thought it would be great to get a genuine reaction to the Plate Carrier.

The new Plate Carrier features a lot of improvements based on the feedback from LEAF operators.

One of the biggest changes is the ROC buckles are now easily interchangeable if they should break or if you should desire a different system. This allows for a more modular Plate Carrier which makes the Sentinel 2.0 a really great pick.

With the same level of comfort, the Sentinel 2.0 by Combat Systems takes all the good stuff from the first model and introduces new changes and features that transforms this PC into a whole different platform.

The M81 woodland looks awesome and the Plate Carrier looks absolute boss with the pattern.

FYI the front panel apparently uses G-HOOKS, in case you wanted to know.

Grab yours here >> www.combatsystems.eu



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