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Summer has reached AAHQ at long last and the AA Crew are looking forward to the better weather and longer days ahead, both of which mean even more AIRSOFT!

As we prepare for the big summer events, it’s business as usual at AA as we dig into more new models of AEG and GBB to illustrate the sheer quality that’s hitting the market right now. We never rush though, because at AA we want to get the full story and carry out testing before we drop any verdict!

This month we headline with the ARCHWICK B&T AIR APC9K, featuring some more great images from our good friend NonoCat, then Stewbacca continues as he literally gets down n’ dirty with the new VFC FNC!

Bill gets in on the action with his evaluation of the latest G&G COMBAT MACHINE, the CM16 BATTO, Miguel takes a close look at just some of the new goodness heading our way from SPECNA ARMS, the members of RED CELL get back into the SMG category with their updates and then the new ICS HI CAPAS get their first re-evaluation after game and range use.

Then it’s into kit, as Dan drills down on HUGO INDUSTRIES and Bill gets into his favourite subject of gear and tells all about the HARRIER PACK SYSTEM from HIGHLANDER FORCES.

We’ve two SPECIAL REPORTS for you this month: Stewbacca enters THE HALLS OF POWER to report on new airsoft-related legislation in “Airsoft Central” (Taiwan), Bill gets together with AIRSOFTER WORLD (AW) to look at the all-new “AW GAMES”, then Stewbacca rounds out ISSUE 163 with a jungle-themed MilSim report. 

Once again we feel we’ve delivered a little taste of all that’s good in our airsoft community and industry. We hope you enjoy it!

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