James Brand Introduces Holiday Capsule in collaboration with Topo Designs

Introducing the TJB x Topo Designs Pocket Collection. Consisting of the Ellis pocket knife, the Hardin carabiner and a Topo Designs pouch designed specifically for this project, this collection embodies what our brands love best: beautiful design and modern functionality. And it’s arrived just in time for the holidays. You know the drill; quantities are limited

We’ve been wanting to collaborate with Topo for a long time, as we’ve been a fan of their use of color, and for their uncanny ability mix outdoor functionality and classic styling with a more simple, clean design aesthetic (like us). We appreciate both their approach and their products.

We worked with the Topo team to create a simple, beautiful daily-carry kit, featuring two of our most popular products: The Ellis locking pocket knife and the Hardin key carabiner. Topo Designs created a pouch specifically for this collaboration which makes for a really nice daily carry package.

For more details, go to >> www.shop.thejamesbrand.com


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