IWA 2014 - Airsoft & Military News Report



We stopped by the booth from WARRIOR ASSAULT SYSTEMS to talk to the guys about their new products for 2014. Mark Dexter showed us around and told us what´s new and/or current released as we spoke.


Warrior Assault Systems


NEW products for 2014:

Hydration pouch in 100oz & 70oz, a Pistol lanyard, GPS pouch for Garmin 301 and 401, GPS pouch for Garmin MAP 62, a forward opening admin pouch, helmet cargo pack, new designed medic pouch and a breaching shotgun panel in two versions (horizontal & vertical).

We´re sorry that we cannot include the product pictures we´ve made at the booth into this article to show you exactly how they look like. The files get broken and so we cannot use them anymore! We try to get our hands on some of these great new products “asap” to bring you some more details about them. Till then – sit back, releax and watch our video from the booth!



Warrior Assault Systems is a leading manufacturer and distributor of military and tactical equipment. We put our gear through some of the most intense training ever devised: the theater of war.
To see more information on how we keep standards high, and to learn more about the technology behind Warrior Assault Systems please browse our site.