Our thanks to all who have nominated during the nomination period of the 3rd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards for their wholehearted participation. We know that a good number of you are excited to find out if your favourites have made it to the final round. We’re now posting the list of finalists per category so check carefully if they made it.

If not, then what the list shows below are what airsoft players worldwide think are the best for this awards period. You can support most, it not all, of them, as each vote is crucial. We had seen some really close fights before, and each vote will be worth the finalists attention.



As for the finalists, we say congratulations for making it to the second and final round. It’s now time again to further mobilize your fans and friends to ensure that you get to be the winner for 3rd installment of the Awards.

Below is the full list of finalists for the 3rd Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards: