The “Bigger” and more”Powerful” MP5 in 5.56

Get a sneak peek at the latest new release from Vega Force Company, the HK53 GBBR Rifle. You gotta love it, I’m pretty sure you will!

The HK53 is the shortest model in the HK33 rifle series. It was planned to be used as a personal defense weapon at beginning. Its size is similar to that of a submachine gun, but it has the power of like a assault rifle in 5.56 caliber. This makes the positioning of the HK53 neither a rifle nor a traditional meaning of a submachine gun.

Although the HK53 fires rifle-caliber bullets, because its barrel is too short, the combat distance is only about 200 meters. Therefore, it may be called an “assault carbine”, which may be more suitable for its positioning.

But let’s go back to this airsoft replica.


The HK53 GBBR system transplanted the advantages from the G3 and MP5 V2 system, offering players an awesome shooting experience and amazing performance as it’s the best VFC GBBR system ever released!

It not only keeps the detail on appearance, but also greatly improved the internal components and handling. It uses a newly designed aluminum alloy lightweight bolt assembly with enhanced nozzle assembly, steel fire control, internal structure and new design steel recoil spring guide rod set.

For use with the new type GBBR magazines, the whole system performs stunning they say.


VFC obtained full H&K/ Umarex authorization from the overall design, material, operation, appearance, as well as the engraving and trademarks, which are fully reproduced. Collectors will love the HK53 for sure!

Transplant VFC new magazine settings, the HK53 gas magazine includes the simulated body with complete engravings like the real deal does. Inside it uses the floating gas outlet while still retaining the last-round stopping function. The new design follower is also more durable. This magazine can give you even more great gas efficiency.


VFC continues to uphold the highest standards to build this classic firearm for the airsoft community.
Enjoy the recoil power and operating function, No matter if you are a collector, reenactor, impressionist, sport shooter… or just an avid airsoft player; the VFC HK53 will satisfy your needs! And this is just the beginning.

Look forward to the future developments by VFC in the HK53 GBBR series.

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