The wait is over!

The ASG CZ EVO BOOST edition is finally making its way to airsoft retailers across the globe! Are you ready?

ASG have taken the already amazing out-the-box experience of the stock EVO and turned the dial up a notch with the EVO BOOST. From the outside everything looks the same, but under the hood is where the real magic is happening… your enemies won’t know you’re packing more heat until it’s too late.


So what’s been upgraded we hear you ask? Each EVO BOOST comes pre-fitted and pre-configured with:

  • BOOST 30k Motor
  • ULTIMATE BOOST 16.5:1 Gearset
  • Pre-built Anti-reversal Latch into the gearbox housing
  • Leviathan ECU
  • Pre-cocking
  • Active Break
  • Binary Trigger (optional on/off)
  • Rate of Fire Adjustments

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