How a Custom 1911 is Built


From blocks of billet steel to hand-built functional art!

In this video from Nighthawk Custom, see the process of a pistol going from raw steel to an immaculate custom handgun. Follow the journey of an Agent 2 being built from beginning to end. We take U.S. billet steel and machine it into intentionally oversized parts Those parts are then individually hand fit, prepped, blended, and beveled by a skilled gunsmith, creating an incredibly fit performance driven pistol.

One Gun, One Gunsmith.

From there, the pistol will undergo multiple inspections, making sure that every detail is right. After each part is individually inspected, the pistol will be sent out to finish. Upon returning from finish, the pistol will be reassembled and inspected to ensure no blemishes exist in the finish. It is then that the front and rear sights are installed. Once the sights have been installed, the pistol will be taken out to function test and targeting. Function testing ensures that the pistol will run while targeting sees two or three rounds shot through a single hole.

The pistol will then receive a thorough cleaning before heading to our Sales department. One of our account managers will then ship the gun to the dealer or FFL it is intended for.

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