There are times when we can use what we do best to create impact, to create meaning, and to create something bigger than a backpack!

This was one of those times. We are incredibly proud to support the Station Foundation and recently completed these special HONOR PACKS for their program participants.

In their programs, they honor their Fallen Warriors with a sacred ritual. Each night, they gather on the edge of the wilderness while carrying a large river rock in their MR packs. These rocks are hand-picked along the Gallatin River. Some are plain, others are adorned to honor those they hike for.

Together, they hike in silence to a memorial built stone by stone, standing as a symbol of the weight they all carry inside and the courage it takes to leave it behind.

“For the past ten years, the sons and daughters of our fallen Special Operations Warriors have come to The Station Foundation to heal and grow beyond tragic loss. It’s here, in the beautiful backcountry of Montana, where we come together to honor the Fallen, celebrate their legacies, and guide their children into the lives they are destined to live. These are special kids who answer their calling and discover authentic healing in a community that chooses never to forget.

Throughout this powerful journey, one special partner shows up every year: MYSTERY RANCH. The MYSTERY RANCH family has quietly supported our Gold Star Students for over a decade and continues to find special ways to say ‘we care’ in the Special Operations Community.

This ‘HONOR PACK’ elevates the lives of those quiet professionals who left us too early, and who are missed dearly. It reminds us of the costs of war and the things we carry home. Most of all, the HONOR PACK carries the weight through our wilderness until we are ready to put it down.

MYSTERY RANCH has always been there when we needed them. We’ve relied on their packs in combat and now depend upon their love on our journey home. This pack is a symbol of strength, hope, and of life beyond war. It is a testament to great people showing up to make a difference. We may Never Forget– MYSTERY RANCH has our backs.”

– Kevin Stacy, Station Foundation Founder & Executive Director


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