Desert Night Camo. No longer needed on a battlefield but wanted by outsiders

Made in a specific time when night vision devices were not as powerful as they’re now, Desert Night Camouflage quickly became desired outside the military world due to its unusual looks. Originally used to make outerwear to be worn over the BDU uniforms, now it’s simply everywhere, but we wanted to pay tribute to classic DNC parkas, and so we made Swagmann Roll in this camo pattern.

Take a look at the other products we choose to be made in Desert Night Camouflage. We hope you’ll enjoy wearing them as much as we do.

Don’t be confused by its name – Desert Night Camouflage may be worn in the city as well as everywhere else. Especially at night, its unique pattern changes its appearance with varying light settings. You can wear your DNC pattern clothes with your favorite jeans, or try to combine them with more smart and maybe even elegant pieces. It’s all up to you.

We asked guys from DandyCore to come out with their ideas on how to wear Desert Night Camouflage with style.

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