The Helikon-Tex EDC Sling Backpack, a discreet carry option for urban environments.

EDC Sling Backpack is a compact EDC urban backpack for one shoulder. The main compartment with no pockets, fully lined with a soft velour, allows for unlimited configuration of the equipment using the Versatile Insert System® elements.

The back compartment, also lined with velour, is additionally equipped with a “break-away” zipper, which provides immediate access to weapon or self-defence tools.

On the front part of the backpack there is a third compartment with access through a side zipper and a flexible pocket secured with a buckle.

Thanks to all these solutions, the EDC Sling Backpack will prove its value not only during covert city operations, but also on a daily basis when we need to have basic equipment by the hand. The soft strap includes a small, flexible pocket. Inverted Pistol Holder is included in the kit. Double Magazine Holder not included.

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