Heckler & Koch Announced the return of the SL8 Rifle to the US Market.

Initially introduced to the US market in 1998, the SL8 was basically considered as the civilian version of Heckler & Koch’s G36. It was however discontinued in 2010 for the US commercial market. That was until now, since Heckler & Koch as announced this month they’re bringing back the H&K SL8.

The SL8 was designed to comply with the US import laws of the 90s. The little, but neutered brother of the G36, the SL8 serves as a relic of previous laws. Back by popular demand, the SL8 is an import-legal version of the G36 designed for precision shooting.

It features a cold-hammer forged barrel with a recessed crown. The free-floating bull barrel is manufactured with the famous HK cannon grade steel. The G36/SL8 short-stroke gas piston, later featured in the HK416, ensures smooth, clean, reliable operation. The SL8 also features a short MIL-SPEC optics mount, match trigger, and an adjustable stock.

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