Now available at Gunfire, the new Specna Arms Pistol Case.

A massive gun case by Specna Arms made of thick and durable polymer. The case can store a pistol with a maximum length of 290mm along with additional equipment such as optics, magazines or tactical accessories. Thanks to strong walls and inserts made of soft foam, the case allows to safely and comfortably transport equipment to a the place of action, game or a car.

High-quality polymer makes the case resistant to impact, shock and fall. Inside, there are two inserts with the option of cutting out the shape of a replica, which allows to ideally personalize the inside of the case.

Specna Arms case can be also of interest to sports shooters, because it can be easily used for transporting firearms, for instance, to a firing range or during a competition. Specna Arms Gun Case is resistant to difficult conditions – heavy duty kind of equipment.

Case Features:

– closed using 2 solid latches
– 2 holes for additional securing padlocks (not included in the set)
– 2 inserts made of foam which one that allow for cutting out the shape of a replica
– thick seal made of EDPM rubber
– folding case grip
– room inside the case for a replica or equipment measuring max 290x210mm

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