Pantac Gear available!!

As you may have noticed Gunfire introduced to their offer more than 180 Pantac products.

This is related to the fact that Gunfire has become the exclusive distributor of this brand for Poland!


Gunfire Pantac Gear

The offer is constantly expanded and Pantac products will be permanently available in their store.

Check out the products and enjoy your shopping:


Teaser Gallery


About Gunfire

Experience – that’s what gives us the upper hand. We’ve dealt with airsoft for as long as we remember. Not a single person in our team came here by coincidence. Almost each of us is an active player, regularly participating in airsoft events in our region (and not only). So every last one of us knows the hardware we’re selling well – thus can advise, assist and help out in nearly any case. If you wanna learn more, read here:




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