Choco Chip, DNC Gulf War Shorts & Roof Korean patches drop today!

That’s right folks, QILO is at it again and here’s the new drop which will be available a bit later this day on their site. Still searching for that special casual summer look? Those are made for ya! If you want to know when they drop,… follow their socials for a “15min warno notice” as they always do it!

Gulf War Shorts

Choco Chip & Desert Night Camo Gulf War Shorts – the timeless palette of the Gulf War. Shorts featuring cotton stretch material, metal-tipped external drawstrings, and QILO logo embroidery on pant opening corner. Make sure you check their sizing guide before you order! Shorts come in a different sizing as their Joggers do.

Roof Korean 30th Anniversary Patch

Also dropping today is a trio of “Roof Korean” patches celebrating the 30-year anniversary of the LA Riots (April 29th – May 4th 1992) where armed Korean Americans defended their communities and businesses.

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More product news from QILO on our blog, can be found here!


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