GoPro released some new mounting systems for their nice cameras. Check out the new ways to capture your world below!


Jaws: Flex Clamp

pdp_image_Jaws_1One of our most versatile mounts yet, Jaws lets you quickly clamp your GoPro to just about anything that’s .25″ to 2″ (.6cm to 5cm) in diameter. The camera can be attached directly to the clamp, or to the adjustable neck for a variety of shooting angles.

Junior Chesty (Chest Harness)

pdp_image_JrChesty_PDP1This one’s for the groms. A smaller version of our adult-sized Chest Harness, it allows kids to capture immersive footage of the world from their own perspective. It’s great for all sorts of sports and activities—from skateboarding and scooter riding, to slides and swings. Ages 3+ only.

Head Strap + QuickClip

pdp_image_HeadStrap_QuickClip_1The Head Strap is a proven favorite, but it now comes with the all-new QuickClip—a small yet mighty mount that enables you to clip your GoPro onto a backwards baseball cap, shirt pocket, backpack strap and more.


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