Ghillie Suit vs Thermal Device


Can I hide from it? Let’s tell Ripperkon in his latest video.

When we think about Ghillie Suits, we often think about the best possible camouflage solution to wear on the body. This might be true for the naked eye as well as for night vision devices, that work with near infrared. But thermal imaging devices are now more common than ever before. Camouflage companies made “super secret” thermal camouflage suits. And some people know, that they often do not make you invisible to the thermal sensor. And also with thermal camouflage it is about all aspects of camouflage.

But now lets try to hide from this Pulsar Axion 2 XG35 device. This is an affordable handhelt device, that is sold to hunters. I will use my not specially modified ghillie suit. In this video I will also spray it with water and add natural vegetation.

Please also keep in mind, that this video is not a representation for all thermal devices and all camouflage suits. There are differences and some may will work better or worse.

Device used in the video:

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