A detailed look – SGR556 & new G3 Gearbox

G&G Armament shows off their all-new SGR556 and new G3 Gearbox/Hop Up System which looks very interesting to me. What do you think? Enjoy watching.

G&G Website >> www.guay2.com


  1. Morning evening

    Don’t suppose you could tell me a release date on the SGR556 like that is what I’d call gun porn right there

    Thanks ever so much

  2. I just picked one up from STAMPEDE AIRSOFT, absolutely awsome gun. the body is impeccable. the internals are solid despite having to adjust the A.O.E, the shot to shot consistently is spot on…shoots 390 put of the box. I just order some GATE compression parts to put in it this weekend, simply because I can’t leave a gun stock. I plan on putting it through its paces at bonecrusher in acouple of weeks..I’ll let ya know how it goes


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