Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket is Newest Offering from UF PRO; High-Performance Tactical Outerwear Keeps Users Better Focused in Brutally Cold Weather

KOMENDA, SLOVENIA (03 NOVEMBER 2022)—UF PRO today announced the debut of its latest tactical garment innovation: the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket. This addition to the company’s popular range of clothing for military and law-enforcement personnel is designed to keep wearers more comfortable in the harshest of winter conditions so that they can better maintain their mission focus and performance edge, UF PRO said. 

Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket

“Challenges faced by police and armed-forces units when they go out in numbing cold weather include loss of mental concentration and—if they’ve bundled up in a conventional winter jacket—overheating during times of heavy exertion,” said Armin Wagner, UF PRO head of development. “The Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket is the solution for those challenges. It keeps users warm and dry so they can stay sharp-minded throughout the mission. And because of its hybrid material design, they’re not likely to overheat.”

Wagner added that the new jacket also addresses several other issues of concern to military and law-enforcement personnel.

“Conventional winter jackets make you feel colder when the garments become wet from snow or freezing rain,” he explained. “That doesn’t happen with the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket. Its 100-percent nylon face fabric with a breathable PU membrane is windproof and highly water-repellent. Additionally, our proprietary detachable air/pac® system in the shoulders and back prevents the formation of inside-the-garment thermal bridges that otherwise would allow cold to penetrate to your skin—and it works even if it does happen to get wet, which is hard to do in part because we’ve used 80g G-LOFT® thermal insulation material throughout the jacket’s sleeves to wick away and manage body-generated vapor or moisture that might contribute to feeling cold.”

Wagner cited another shortcoming of conventional winter jackets: their bulkiness.

“Bulk impedes free movement,” he said. “If you’re wearing a bulky jacket, you lose agility, which in turn degrades your mission performance. Not so with the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket. Its hybrid design results in a garment that facilitates free movement.”

The Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket also eliminates the need to switch between light and heavy jackets as the weather changes, Wagner indicated.

“Basically, this is pretty much the only jacket you need to carry around in your backpack, regardless of the outdoor conditions of the moment or the activity you’re going to be engaging in,” he said. “Because the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket is well-suited to many different conditions and situations, your backpack will be lighter or have room for other gear you might need to successfully carry out your mission.” 

In a similar vein, Wagner noted that the new jacket’s air/pac® system helps make it easier to tote backpacks or heavy plate carriers.

“The air/pac® system takes the weight off your shoulders and upper back,” he said. “This helps you conserve your strength for more important things. It also serves to increase your overall comfort, which, again, contributes to letting you stay focused on the mission.” 

According to UF PRO, the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket’s key features include:  

  • Noise-quelling, two-layer laminated nylon outer fabric to support stealth-mode ops
  • High-performance thermal-insulated COCONA® Merino wool sleeves
  • COCONA® 37.5™ fleece torso
  • Dual-function COCONA® fleece-and-mesh Kangaroo pocket 
  • schoeller®-dynamic stretch cuffs  
  • Waterproof hood with integrated Hood/Harness® system
  • Breathable, abrasion-resistant 3D mesh 
  • YKK®️ zippers 
  • Upper-arm pocket


UF PRO said the Delta AcE Plus Gen.3 Winter Jacket will be available in Brown Grey, Navy Blue, Black, Steel Grey, and MultiCam®. 

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