“Good guys, wear BadLands”!

With this slogan, the BadLands camouflage from PenCott was introduced back in the days. Desinged for dry, upland, bushland, semi-arid and transitional terrain, BadLands fits perfect into the spring time and autumn here in Europe. At least I think so. If your area offers “semi-arid and transitional terrain” you know that it will work just great to belnd into the environment.

As I like to provide not just those classic military MilSim kits here at AMNB for you, I decided to get my personal BadLands kit together and show it. To give it a taset of the “Middle East”, I added a E&L AKM as my primary and an Pakol + Shemagh look wise to it. I know there are many ways to personalize this and make it even better – but that´s up to you! If you like to have it more badass or “Merica” looking, try the MilSpec Monkey SKULL MASK MULTI-WRAP.

PenCott BadLands Kit

For a solid stand and great performance during longer walks, I trust the Salomon Forces Quest 4D GTX. Not just for this Kit! Those boots never left me alone. Gloves are from Outdoor Research Tactical. Model Ironsight. Combat Pants are from UF PRO Striker HT. Unfortunately, UF PRO stopped producing them in BadLands so you will have a hard time getting these somewhere! But there are a lot of other pants available. For example, check Helikon-Tex. RS3 Combat Shirt is from Rasputin and if the weather is gettin a bit colder or during the night, I use the CPU Shirt from Helikon to pull it over.

To get all your gun, comms, medic needs etc. stored well in place, I run the Helikon-Tex Guardian Chest Rig. Designed to work along with a backpack and belt kit, it offers the most effective way of carrying a field load on the chest. It features two single pistol, three double ammo pouches, and PALS webbing for additional MOLLE attachments along the top edge of the rig. Also, there are two large built-in utility pockets, two mesh pockets on the back, two open-top standard mag pouches, and two double pistol mag slots, all easily accessible from the top.

During longer events or MilSim events, I trust the GARMIN Foretrax 401 for navigation. Talking about navigation, propper communication is part of it too. To stay in contact with my teammates, I use a BAOFEG UV 5RTP radio + the CodeRed Headsets TBCH with an Nexus U-94A from DISCO 32. Works perfect together and highly recommended!

Last but not least, eye protection from WILEY X model ROGUE COMM GLASSES. If you want to know more about these, here´s our overview (read more).

Alright, that´s it. I hope you find this presentation helpful to build yourself a BadLands kit. If you have any questions, drop em in the comments below.


Learn more about PenCott >> www.pencottcamo.com/about


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