FROG.PRO Introduces the new SWAT COBRA Belt Kit and TIER1 COBRA Belt Kit. Every Situation Deserves the Proper Configuration

FROG.PRO, with the goal of offering the public solutions aimed at a continuous improvement of the service provided, develops the new SWAT COBRA Belt Kit and TIER1 COBRA Belt Kit.

The products are designed and developed to meet the needs of both professionals and enthusiasts from every sector.

The SWAT COBRA Belt Kit is designed to offer operators employed as Quick Reaction Force an extremely light and minimal first line, ideal for operations requiring maximum agility or the use of vehicles.

The kit consists of:
• n.1 COBRA Raider Belt
• n.1 Trousers Inner Belt
• n.1 Pistol-SMG-1-EOT
• n.1 Pistol-1-VF
• n.1 Multi-1-EOT

The TIER1 COBRA Belt Kit instead will provide the operator with a first “combat proof” line, with plenty of accessories and fully modular to allow the operator to face any situation while equipped in the best possible way.

The kit consists of:
• n.1 COBRA Operator Belt
• n.1 COBRA Trousers Inner Belt
• n.1 Pistol-SMG-1-EOT
• n.1 Pistol-1-VF
• n.1 Multi-1-EOT
• n.1 Orthos Med Pouch

The AustriAlpin COBRA® D-Ring buckle boasts a breaking load of 18 kN (1835 kgf). It is in fact specifically designed to prevent accidental opening: the safety system allows opening only if not in traction and only by simultaneously pressing both release buttons.

The D-ring, with a breaking load of 22 kN (2243 kgf), can be used to attach PRLs or other accessories for rappelling or emergency.

This composition, embellished with various flagship products of the brand such as the COBRA Operator Belt and the ORTHOS Med Pouch, reflects the “must-have” of every first-line operator.

The Pistol-SMG-1-EOT and the Pistol-1-VF pouches are able to accommodate most of the gun magazines on the market but can also be used, if necessary, to carry accessories such as a CAT Tourniquet, a multi-tool or a flashlight.

The Multi-1-EOT pouch, on the other hand, is designed to carry AR-15, AR-10, SR-25, SCAR 17, AK and similar rifle magazines.

Within each of the aforementioned kits, is also provided a series of One-Wrap velcro straps that allow the operator to effectively, but at the same time easily attach each pocket to the tactical belt, enabling a both comfortable and rapid transition between various configurations.

Its design is in fact the result of a relationship of close collaboration and a continuous exchange of feedback with the Special Forces Operators from national and international units; relationships that FROG.PRO continues to pursue, recognizing their fundamental importance for the development of products always at the vanguard.

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