Available January 3, 2022. FAST Micro in ODG.

Look what UNITY found behind the tree….

I love the guys from UNITY Tactical! Why? They develop such great products not only for your rifle and they always come up with something you don’t expect. Such as this limited edition of their FAST Micro in ODG. Read more below.

We decided to take our flagship optic mount and produce a special limited run of 250 units in anodized ODG. Each mount features serialized numbering. Only 250 will be available.

FAST Micro in ODG

Limit one per purchase. Unit numbers are random and cannot be chosen by purchaser. Available exclusively at www.unitytactical.com. Proceeds from sales of these limited edition FAST™ Mounts will go to FPC.

FAST Micro in ODG

(Note: these limited edition units do not feature QD mounting option).

UNITY WEB >> www.unitytactical.com

More product news from Unity Tactical on our blog, can be found here!


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