Matt from Evike takes a look at the Tokyo Marui MK46 MOD.0 Next Generation Recoil Shock System Squad Automatic Weapon and it’s features.

The Tokyo Marui Next Generation Recoil Shock System (NGRS) helps to bridge the realism of a gas blowback rifle with the convenience and performance of an AEG. Utilizing a reciprocating weight, simulated recoil and muzzle flip is generated to simulate an actual cycling bolt. Additional features include an electronic bolt lock back function that locks the bolt back upon firing the last BB from the magazine, the rifle will then stop firing until a loaded magazine is inserted and the bolt stop pressed (feature only works with Tokyo Marui NGRS magazines).

Unlike Tokyo Marui Airsoft guns of the past, the new Recoil Shock System rifles now feature metal receivers instead of all polymer as well as fully licensed trademarks to add to the realism of these replicas. Combined with Tokyo Marui’s high quality internals and stock dependability, these rifles are great to skirmish out of the box or as a base for high performance projects.

While the Tokyo Marui NGRS system has been around for nearly a decade in the Asian market, their availability has been limited/restricted due to licensing and importation issues; however through and partners, the tried and true NGRS system rifles are now finally going to be readily available state-side.

The hottest new thing to come out of the Tokyo Marui R&D labs, the MK46 MOD.0 Squad Automatic Weapon is a complete redesign from the ground up featuring a completely new high torque gearbox and even more powerful Recoil Shock system. Other features include a 1000 round electric winding box magazine with incredibly realistic looking dummy rounds that bounce and move as the weapon fires as if it were actually pulling live rounds through the receiver. Like other NGRS guns, the MK46 MOD.0 also features a last round disconnect where the gun will cease firing once the magazine is empty.

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